Sound and lighting supply from Ethix Management offers it’s clients far more than just Sound and Lighting equipment, we offer a complete service: the Highest quality sound systems, experienced engineers, and exceptional sound reproduction in addition to providing intelligent lighting and control to ensure any event is delivered to an exceptional standard.

We can supply a custom system to suit every application, whether it be a stadium, festival or indoor event and have an extensive inventory of consoles, amplifiers, speakers, sound processing, moving lights dimmers, trussing and just about anything sound and lighting related.

 Our equipment is never dry hired, which means all of our kit is used only by our professional engineers and is in pre-eminent condition. This ensures you are not only getting the finest sound reproduction, and intelligent lighting but the equipment used is in pre eminent condition and ensures the possibility of failure is remote due to the careful maintenance and handling of all of our stock by our trained staff. We are constantly updating our stock inventory to keep up with the high demand for professional equipment.


Building a successful partnership with customers is key

Ethix have built  long standing relationships with our clients and the supply of more than just sound and lighting to a wide range of clients from local authorities and the Greater London assembly to private sector and international corporations. All these services delivered on a worldwide basis. We are constantly looking to work with our clients to ensure they obtain the highest quality and value for money. Building a successful partnership with customers is key to success with both client and supplier and we look to helping you find the same quality of service that our client base receives.